I’m a Sacramento lifer, born and raised. I love this city so much that I started The Sacramento Press and ran it for the first 5 years of life.

Among my friends, I’ve always been the person to give visitors a taste of Sacramento. And I’ve always helped people relocating to town. Recently my wife and I have become Airbnb hosts and we’ve met hundreds more people who want to know more about the area.

So I’m putting it all down – every bit of local knowledge I’ve got. Hopefully Airbnb guests will have a better time with this simple resource. Hopefully it is a useful place for those new to town or just passing through. And maybe some locals will get a kick out of disagreeing with me!

I’ll be inviting guest writers to help round things out and I’ll use all the tools I can find to build a better place to make you an instant local.


Twitter: @benilfeld

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